NVIDIA RTX 3080 Graphics Card

NVIDIA’s primary aim by launching this excellent video card is pretty simple. Right when the RTX 3080 was launched last year for $699, and the crazy expensive yet powerful and effective RTX 3090 was for $1499, and the chip giant is filling that gap between the two with a video card worth $1199.

It is considered like throwing a bone to the RTX users and customers who did not clearly understand what and how they should upgrade or had confusion about the new generations of the graphics processing units (GPU).

But the real question in the customer’s mind is that is this graphics card worth more than $500 compared to the perfect RTX 2080? That ultimately depends on several factors like your patience in fighting with other customers who are also in line to buy the same thing, and most importantly, it depends on the size of your wallet.

As it was already stated below, when the RTX 3080 Ti was announced, it was undoubtedly the worst time of the year to buy a video card or even think about upgrading because of the unfortunate pandemic in the world.

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Manufacturers cannot make enough units of a single product to meet their customers’ demands, which generally means that people are doing business by buying them in bulk till they go out of stock and then reselling them at a higher and premium price.

However, the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti and its slightly less powerful sibling RTX 3070 Ti are hash-limited graphics cards which means they will not be of any use to the crypto miners.


  • Much faster and more effective than the NVIDIA RTX 3070.
  • Enhanced Ray tracing feature.
  • Better results in performance.


  • Far more costly than the NVIDIA RTX 3080.
  • In-built fans can sometimes be loud to keep the card cool.
  • Going to be very hard to find in stores because of the lower manufacturing rate.

Given the high value in these graphic cards’ buyers’ market, you can quickly expect to spend a lot more cash than just the regular price of $1199 on the NVIDIA 3090 Ti version. If you look into online purchasing platforms, things are far worse than physically buying them.

Search through Amazon and eBay, you will find the NVIDIA RTX 3070, which is officially $499, but due to the high demand and low manufacturing, it is going for a whopping $1500.

That’s the price of a whole computer. But if you still want to step into this world, the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti is more than capable of doing the job and will undoubtedly be a worthy buy.

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