HBO MAX $10 Ad-Supported Plan

It’s currently somewhat less costly to buy an HBO Max membership. The HBO MAX streaming platform currently has a $10 advertisement-based monthly plan rather than the standard $15/month level. There’s additionally a yearly installment choice that will save you 15% every year. One year of HBO Max with Ads access costs $100, or you can eliminate the advertisements for $150/year.

There are a few drawbacks when you decide to switch to the less expensive side of HBO MAX. You will have to look at ads which will be as long as four minutes each hour, streams will be restricted to 1080p rather than 4K, and you will not have the option to download anything for offline viewing.

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In addition, you will be unable to view and stream the movies that Warner Bros. is releasing for the public on the streaming platforms and at the theaters and on HBO Max this year as it is those movies that will first be accessible to streamers and members who pay for the regular monthly plan.

People on the advertisement $10 membership will get to stream those particular movies when they cycle back onto HBO Max after a while.

The individuals who are used to watching HBO shows without any promotions or advertisements to interrupt don’t stress. HBO Max offers shows and series like, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Euphoria, and Insecure that will not have advertisements, even on the lower level.

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