SoundCloud is a huge online music platform that covers songs in all categories. SoundCloud is linked with your Facebook or Google account and also connects you to your friends. You can also watch your friend’s playlist and include them in yours.

Most of the people listen to music when they just want to relax and this is when they require ease. Online music can be played just when the device is connected to internet, to resolve this issue you can download songs from SoundCloud to your device and listen to them whenever you like.

You can also convert youtube video to mp3 by using these website:

There are plenty of convertors available on internet that offer different ways to download SoundCloud music. Now the decision is yours to select wisely as some fake downloaders can install unwanted links which brings viruses and can result in destroying your device.

Some convertors available on the internet allow you to convert the SoundCloud music into a mobile usable format and download it to listen to whenever you want. The list of convertors is mentioned below, select any one of them, and you can just download any song from SoundCloud.

Best Sites To Download Song From Soundcloud:

  1. Allavsoft
  2. By Click Downloader
  3. KlickAud
  5. ScloudDownloader
  6. Single Mango
  7. DVDFab
  8. Soundcloud MP3 Downloader

These downloaders allow users to get their favorite songs in the format they like, and their devices can support them.

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Internet, as it is known, is a worldwide system of computer networks interconnected through IP addresses. The internet has impacted all aspects of our lives, from trade and commerce to information, but above all communication. Emails, as do other communication channels, depend on networks connected via the internet.

Email communication aids sending and receiving messages within a short period, to recipients located anywhere across the world. Although developed in the late 1960s, the term email did not get much recognition until the 1970s, when Ray Tomlinson first developed the @ sign to link username with the servers. This turned a new tide in the internet world and paved the way for increased socializing.

The method for sending emails has not changed much from the past and the mechanism has stayed the same. Several email services are available to choose from and one may select any that best fits the needs. Most of these services are free and all you need is access to the internet. This article discusses Gmail and how to sign in to a Gmail account using a Mobile phone.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a web service client using which you can send and receive emails at any given time; all you need is an active internet connection. Gmail was initially launched by Google on April 1st, 2004 as a beta version for testing, this ended on July 7th, 2009. Surveys conducted in 2016, showed that there were more than 1 billion active Gmail accounts, and figures today suggest that this may have reached 2 billion now.

Gmail has some amazing features to offer its users, such as using Gmail or in offline mode; wherein emails can be stored or downloaded at any instance in time and can be accessed or viewed later. Google has also released a mobile app, across Android/iOS platforms, for the ease and comfort of its mobile users.

Key Features of Gmail 

Few key features of Gmail are as under:

  • Schedule emails
  • Notification for each email
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-security options
  • Gmail offline option
  • Expiry time settings

This and other such amazing features are available on Gmail just like, both online and offline. Verification by phone number or through email etc. for your account is a security feature that stands out. With an internet connection at hand, all this is just a click away.

How to sign in to Gmail Account using Mobile Phone?

Almost all android phones come with a pre-installed Gmail app. If your phone did not come with a Pre-installed app then just simply install the app from the play store. You can easily sign in to your Gmail account, using the app on your mobile phone, by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Gmail app or through setting go to Accounts.
  2. After opening the Gmail App, type your email to log in and then click Next. Similarly, if you have a different Mobile App then after going to Accounts, add a Gmail account and add email and password.
  3. After adding email and password, set up your phone according to your need, and add some verification methods. 
  4. You can also follow the same procedure for Hotmail Account.

If your phone does not have a Gmail App or you find it difficult to install it from the play store, then you can watch a video tutorial for installing the app as well. You can easily set up your Gmail account on your phone, by just entering it into the Gmail App or by clicking the settings and then tapping on ADD Accounts.

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Do you want to watch movies and TV series without paying a single amount of money then this article is helpful for you.

In this article, I am going to share our review about one of the best and free movies and tv shows streaming website called CouchTuner. CouchTuner is one of the best online streaming sites which contain every type of movie and TV serial and you can watch them from every part of the world.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is an online movie and TV show streaming website which contains a massive collection of movies, music, series, serials, and many other things. It allows you to watch any TV-series and movies from any countries like France, China, India, Australia, Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan etc. No matter which country you are using this website, it has something special for every user. You can also listen to any music on this website for free and this is the best reason which makes this site on the top of the list. 

Most importantly, if you think to watch any movies and TV shows on this website you need to pay some money. Then you are Wrong. On this website, you are not even charged a single amount of penny and you do not even have to provide any of your personal information to watch any content on this website. Everything is completely free on this website and if you want to enjoy more features like requesting movies, adding movies to your watch list, you can create an account on the website. 

CouchTuner is the best movie streaming website which hosts content from top entertainment websites like BBC, HBO, Warner Bros, Turner, CNN, DC Comics, Otter Media, Star Movies, and many other channels. You can watch any of the favorite series shows like Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Arrow, and Empire etc for free. You can use the search bar option to find your favorite movies and TV shows without wasting more time. 

Best Alternate Movies Sites like Couchtuner

  1. Spacemov (
  2. GogoAnime
  3. M4uFree (
  4. MrPiracy (
  5. SolarMovies
  6. Gledalica
  7. YesMovies
  8. FMovies

Key Features

Design: The design of CouchTuner is simple and easy to use. Even small kids can easily find their favorite cartoon and kids movies within a minute. 

High Quality: If you worry about video quality on CouchTuner, then don’t worry about it. They upload all movies and TV shows in HD Quality which help the user to get a better experience at home. 

No Signup Required: To watch movies, you don’t need to create an account on their website. If you want to get extra features like requesting any movie or TV show, you need to create an account on the website, which is free.

Listing: This website also has some different categories listing like New Release, TV Listing, Top Rated, etc which help the user to find their favorite movie within a less time.

Search Option: Most important search option help the user to quickly find their movies and TV shows without wasting their precious time.

Categories: Different types of categories are available on this website like Horror, Comedy, Thrilling, Mystery, Biography, Romantic, etc.

Is CouchTuner Safe and Legal?

Couchtuner is completely safe to use if you are using it for a limited time. Using this website to relax your body is good but if you are using it for all day and night then it may be harmful to your body. And later on, you will become addicted to it which may be dangerous for your health. CouchTuner does not host any content on their server which means you can use this website without any worry.

Final Thoughts

CouchTuner is one of the top-visited platforms to watch any movies and TV shows for free. You don’t need to pay a single amount of money to watch any content on their website. 

Still, if you have any doubt regarding this article then don’t forget to let us in via the comment section. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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